Top reasons for having a website for your business:

You have a business idea in mind, or probably already have a business up and running, but you don’t have a website yet. In either case, you are losing in business because you are losing loads of clients. It’s not about whether you are ok with “X” number of fixed clients coming to your business and you making “Y” amount of profit. It is actually about the exposure your business is getting. No matter if your business is local-service based or online, you need to increase your exposure, and the only way possible is to be present ONLINE – over the Internet. Because having an online presence of your business regardless of whether it is local or online, and type of industry, will bring massive success to your business.

People or prospective customers first do research about the product/business they are going to make a purchase from and for this reason they head to Search Engines (Google, Bing, Safari, etc,) and here they search about the product or business they’re interested in. So is it not wise to let your customers know about your business or product directly from you instead of 3rd party reviews websites?  Having a website for your business not only declares your authority, but also gives you the entire freedom of writing every single detail of your product, service, and complete business model. Below are the top reasons for having a website for your business, especially in this day and age with 5 billion Internet users.

  1. Credibility: Having a website for your business makes your business stand out from your competitors having no website. This helps in people find your business legitimate.
  2. Brand: With a Website, you can establish yourself as a brand showcasing your work/your products in front of your customers. This helps your prospective customers know you and your products/services better.
  3. Trust & Relations: With Credibility and Brand, your customers know you much better which leads to the building of trust and relationships.
  4. Customer Experience: Once visitors are on your website they have a good experience of knowing about your business in detail. Having dedicated pages “About “, “Services”, “FAQs”, and “Contact – Business hours, work days, etc” will reduce unnecessary calls from curious customers,  they have all the information on your website.
  5. Increased Visibility: Currently the number of Internet users is around 5Billion (as per Staista), what this means, with a website your business has the potential to reach 5B people.
  6. ROI: Increased visibility means an increase in the business leading to high ROI because once your business website is up and running, you need to focus only on improving the business. Website Setup is a one-time work with random updates from time to time.
  7. Organic Traffic:  Having a website with SEO-rich content and SEO-rich Blogs brings you targetted traffic who are actually interested in your products/business, your money on paid ads (if you are considering any) is saved.
  8. Announcements & offers: With a website of your own, you can create un-limted offers and make announcements of upcoming offers/events which is otherwise not possible.
  9. Repeat Clients: With every visitor on your website you have the option of taking their mails Ids & Phone Numbers to send them timely offers & newsletters based on their interests – this approach increases the chances of them making a purchase.


So these are the top reasons for having a website for your business, this should now make you realize the importance of having a website(if you don’t have one yet). Should you make your mind up to have a business website then read our next blog on “how to get started once you decide to have a business website”

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