How To Setup A Business Website?:

Now that you have decided to have a website for your business (Read our blog Why should you have a business website), this blog will help you on deciding how to setup a business website.

Whether you are having a full-fledged business or you are a Freelancer, a Business website brings numerous benefits to one’s business from building a Brand to Credibility to increasing business. Therefore the website that you are going to have should be apt and justify the purpose & help you get the highest ROI.

Here are my key suggestions that will answer your “How to setup a business website?”

1 Domain Name:

Or the website URL -This is the entry point to the website – Just as you have a physical address to your business, a domain name is a digital address to your website. Begin wit buying the domain name. (read my blog on “Tips to buying a domain name”

2 Hosting:

Now that you have bought a domain name for your business, it’s time to build the website, but in order to build the website you need to host it on the server. That’s where the hosting services come into play. Find a secure, & reliable company offering hosting services and purchase the service. (For hosting: refer to our pricing page)

3 Implement CMS:

After buying the domain and purchasing of hosting service, comes the implementation of CMS – which is nothing but the Content managing System – this is a software/program to manage the digital content. Using a CMS is easier for those having little technical knowledge. Therefore opting for a good CMS is advisable. There are many in the market, choose the one which best suits your needs. Wix, Joomla, and WordPress are the most popular CMS to name a few. (If you like to build your website with WordPress and with us, look at the pricing page for your requirement)

4 e-comm Website:

If you sell on your website (ie, if it’s an e-commerce website and not service-based) then you need to buy the subscription from the right platform eg. Shopify, Business Square, and WooCommerce in case of Websites built on WordPress.

5 Building on the Website:

Now the time is for building the website, remember it’s all about customer experience therefore your business website should cater to the needs of the customers. Select a theme that best suits your needs / Customers’ requirements. Add as much information you can provide to your customers about your business and your products/services.

6 Pages:

Your website should include the following pages: 1) Home – your landing page where the customer 1st lands this should include the summary of your business. and links to main pages which you think are important for customers. 2) About -Details outlining your business. 3) the Services your business offers. 4) Sitemap (for SEO Purposes) 5) Contact us – for customers to contact/reach out to your business. 6) TOC & Privacy Policy. The information shared must be in the form of text, Images, and Videos to target customers with different preferences.

7 SEO:

the content on your website should be SEO-rich to drive targeted traffic to your website.

8 Updates:

Update the website regularly – this includes technical updates as well as updated content on your website in form of new blogs, announcements, and offers.

9 Backup:

Ensure you take the backup from time to time in order not to lose your hard work.

So with this article, I believe you got a clear idea of how to set up a business website. You can do it all by yourself or hire an expert or an agency who will take care of your business online while you can work on the development of your business offline.

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